Visionary Leader

"Oie has an amazing trait—he truly cares about every single person he meets. He is a rare find in the business world. I highly recommend him to anyone."

Oie developed a reputation of building high performing teams at an early age. In high school he was honored with the first ever Team Leadership award for inspiring his state champion basketball team. In his early twenties he was promoted to the Department Head of Environmental Services at a regional hospital with a staff of over 50 people, the youngest person ever to hold that position.
From there, whether it has been a human resources company or an insurance fraud company, a national restaurant chain or a pharmaceutical company, Oie’s reputation of leading with integrity, enthusiasm and passion resulting in record performances has continued to grow. He has been honored with several leadership and business awards locally and nationally. Oie’s mastery of teaching others to lead and perform more effectively has made him a most highly respected coach and consultant.


In 2008, Oie Osterkamp wrote a story for his newborn son that  soon became the popular novel Being a Sharefish in a Selfish World. In the book, Osterkamp shares life lessons such as the importance of helping others. Osterkamp writes, “My mother always taught me that it is better to be a Sharefish than a Selfish.”

Early proceeds from book sales funded projects for homelessness and The Healing Place – a substance abuse recovery center in Raleigh.  Today, the book is helping fund the work of

The mission of Sharefish evolved during trips to build homes and churches in southern Honduras. On these trips, Osterkamp and other founding board members of Sharefish met children like 9-year-old Cindy Maria who could not write her name because her family couldn’t afford the materials for her to attend school. They met Jose who was so poor he did not have a single pair of flip flops and Sandy, whose house was made of mud, sticks and cardboard.

Looking for ways to make a lasting impact, this small group created an organization to improve education, nutrition, housing, medical and economic opportunities in impoverished communities. Sharefish is currently focused on improving the lives of children in two small communities in southern Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.