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Regardless of your perspective, religious or secular, you can find great value and inspiration in Oie's stories and characters.

“Being A Sharefish in A Selfish World”

“I can take you almost the whole way to where you’re looking to go,” he said with a grin. When Nyles hitched a ride from Oregon to North Carolina with Izzy, he had no idea that Izzy’s words meant much more than geography. As the two travel from coast to coast, Nyles sheds his burdens of self-doubt and realizes his true potential as he listens to Izzy’s stories of pain and triumph. Ride alongside Izzy and Nyles and learn about life, about purpose and about the secret power of being a Sharefish. It will be the ride of a lifetime. You will want your entire family to read “Being a Sharefish in a Selfish World” as a talking point about perspective, faith, and significance. You will want your friends of strong faith to read this book to discuss its theological perspectives. You will want your friends on the edge of faith to read this book to perhaps answer some of their fears. You will want to read this book yourself more than once after you read the ending!

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“There have been few books I’ve not been able to put down…. Being a Sharefish in a Selfish World was one of them. I received it yesterday, and finished it last night. I felt like I was in the cab of that big rig, straining not to miss a word from Izzy and feeling some of the same emotions as Nyles. It was both inspiring and educational concerning one’s “walk” toward one’s faith and world view. I recommend it anyone….as for me, I’m putting it in my daughter’s hands this evening. Great job Oie!”

By Steve R. Stutts

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Some say “the world is a cold, cruel place”. Others say “watch your back, you can’t trust anyone”. Still others say “no good deed goes unpunished”. I agree with Izzy, one of the main characters of Being a Sharefish in a Selfish World, “it doesn’t have to be that way”. Instead of being selfish, we can CHOOSE to be “SHAREFISH”.

Time after time, my heart strings were touched as I read this book. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop until I finished. I laughed, I cried, I was inspired. The author, Oie Osterkamp, has helped to rekindle my burning desire to be the change that I want to see in the world.

Thank You!”

Dr. Glenda Clare


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“A Sharefish Tale”

Sharey is a Sharefish. She has lots of friends and gets to do lots of fun things. Myno is a Selfish. He has trouble finding friends to play with him and doesn’t understand why. Join Sharey and her friends Shelton, Peepers and Puffy as they teach Myno the value of sharing. Children of all ages will love this story from the creative mind of Oie Osterkamp that is sure to be a favorite. The beautiful illustrations by master illustrator Korey Scott will endear the characters to children and adults alike. Laugh along with the characters as a wonderful life lesson is learned by all.

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“I shared this delightful book with my grandsons, who were captivated by A Sharefish Tale: Even my 11-year-old grandson wanted in on my reading aloud to his 6-year-old brother. The illustrations really brought this special story alive! I hope there will be other adventures of Sharey in the future.”

Barbara Huggins

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GREAT book and wonderful life lesson!

Lynn, children’s minister and mom 

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This is the most beautifully illustrated book since Miss Spider’s Tea Party!

Teresa, teacher and mom 


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“The Second Day”

 This was going to be Sam’s last day on earth. It turned out to be one of the two most important days of his life; his second day. Fifteen year-old Sam Williams is battling emotional demons during his sophomore year in high school. He thinks he’s alone, but is re-introduced to family and friends in a way that changes everything. Sam’s journey from the depths of despair to a sense of worthiness will inspire all who read The Second Day, teenagers and their parents alike.

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“Filled with warmth and wisdom, The Second Day is like opening a gift you’ve been waiting for your entire life. Serving as a compass for the heart, it gently guides you toward a life filled with joy and meaning.”

—Michael J. Chase, founder of The Kindness Center and bestselling author of ‘am I being kind—how asking one simple question can change your life and your world.’

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